About us - MHS tlakové lití s.r.o.

Our company was founded in 1995, its sphere of activity being the casting of aluminium parts for the car and electrical industry abroad.

The technology of our production consists in pressure casting into metal moulds on injection moulding machines with a cool chamber. We are a developing company, which takes interest in further expansion of its activity, and to this purpose we look for partners on markets abroad, who are interested in cooperation with our company. We not only offer the quality required on foreign markets, but also favourable quotations because of lower overhead expenses of our company.

Company history

1995 Company founded. It’s main activity pressure casting of aluminium on 400m2 process area
1997 Company started to mechanical trueing on conventional machines
2000 Purchase of rented factory and extension of process area
2006 Started CNC tooling
2007 New storage built on a 500 m2